Qualify for the National Competitive Trail Ride

The AHA National Championship Competitive Trail ride will be held in Idaho in September.  To qualify for the championship you need to complete 50 miles of CTR in the previous two years.  All you have to do is ride both days at the Canyon Ferry ride and you will be qualified.  Remember that you will need an AHA Competition card or pay the $35 Single event fee.

2014 Canyon Ferry Ride

The 2014 Canyon Ferry Ride in Winston MT is schedule for May 17-18.  There will be a 25 and 50 mile ride each day.  These rides are sanctioned by AERC and AHA.  More details to follow.  Don’t miss this ride as this is the only ride sponsored by the Tri-Arabian Horse Club this year.

2013 Events

  • April 6, 2013  Dressage Clinic  —- postponed TBD
  • May 18, 2013  Canyon Ferry Endurance and Competitive Trail Ride
  • Aug 10-11, 2013 Pioneer Cabin Endurance Ride and Competitive Trail Ride
  • Sept 7-8 2013 Merry Widow Run Endurance

10 riders complete the Merry Widow Run on a gorgeous day!

Thanks to all the Merry Widow Run riders.  Unofficial results!

1. Suzanne Hayes on Greenbriar Al Jabal — Best Condition
2. Kay Johnston on EJM Summer Rain
3. Kaci Calaway on Egyption Prestge
4. Lynn Lee on Londonns Invader
5. Elizabeth Dagnall on Roses April Rain
6. Darlene Patterson on Raffizs Yahtzi
7. Deborah Chapman on Just a Peach
8. Katherine Mason on By Bye Tessa
9. Marie Suthers on Buttercup
10. Anne Perkins on Jameel

Pioneer Cabin Endurance Ride Results (unofficial)

Sat  Sept 8 – 50 mile Endurance
1. Kay R. Johnston on EJM Summer Rain and
         Best Condition
2. Mary Ellen Prince on Diablo
3. Elizabeth Dagnall on Roses April Rain and
        AHA Regional Half-Arab Endurance Champion
4. Darlene Peterson on Raffizs Yahtzi
5. Anne Perkins on Jameel
6. Walter Benhardus on Capture
7. Trina Lenmark on Taroka Daz’i
8. Jean Keffeler on Cholima
9. Katlyn Janz on Houdini
10. Laurie Janz on ESP Classic Moment

Sat Sept 8 – 25 Mile Limited Distance
1, Jeffery Patterson on Cowboy Cody Mone
Best Condition
2. Jacob Zirbel on Allelujah Morn
3. Herb Bingham on Tezeros Impster
4. Bill Miller on Raffons Noble Dancer
5. Ira Hickman on Cruiser
6. Marie Suthers on Buttercup
7. David Schneider on Abdaar D Apollo
8. Natalie Schneider on YV Arion
9. Laine Gillard on Rosie
10. Curtis Freeman on Ruger

Sun Sept 9 – 50 Mile Endurance
1. Deborah Chapman on Majik Tsage
2. Jennifer Kaplan on Rushcreek Oats
      Best Condition
3. Kay R. Johnston on DeKhapprio KF

 Sun Sept 9 – 25 Mile Limited Distance

1. Bobbi Walker on Kenlyn Exotica
Best Condition
2. Julie Muscutt on Satin Image AZ
AHA Regional Competitive Trail Champion
3. Jean Keffeler on Summit Rose
4. Marie Suthers on Buttercup
5. Judy Bishop on Mi Lan
6. McKenzie Homan on Gracie
7. Anne Perkins on Shiloh


New Routes for Pioneer Cabin Ride

In order to reduce the need to travel over public roads, the Pioneer Cabin Endurance Ride now has 4 loops.

If you have a Smartphone and download the Trimble Outdoors application, you can sync these maps to your phone or to your computer at home by signing up to Trimble Outdoors.

These maps will be refined over the next week.

Loop 1 – 15 Miles – Green and White

Loop 2 – 10 Miles – Red and Yellow

Loop 3 – 15 Miles – Orange

Loop 4 – 10 Miles – Pink and Blue

Pioneer Cabin Endurance and Competitive Trail Rides

Register now for the Pioneer Cabin Endurance rides on Sept 8 and Sept 9th.  There is a 50-Mile AERC sanctioned endurance ride on each day.  Saturday’s 50 Mile ride is the AHA Region 6 Championship ride.  There is a 25 Mile Limited Distance and 8 Mile Fun Ride each day.  On Sunday, we will also host the AHA Region 6 Competitive Trail Ride.  Click on the Pioneer Cabin link above to be directed to the registration page. $20 Discount if registered BEFORE Sept 2, 2019.  $10 Discount if registered BEFORE Sept 7th.

Point to Point Results

1st place Sherrie Calaway on Prestiges Raja
2nd place Kaci Calaway on Egyption Prestige
3rd place Kay Johnston on EJM Summer Rain
4th place Darlene Patterson on Raffizs Yahtzi

5th place Julie Muscutt on Satin Image AZ
6th place Curtis Freeman on Cassidy

Best Condition = Kay Johnston on EJM Summer Rain

Congratulations to All!