January 29, 2013

Ride Rules

  1. No refunds will be given after a rider passes the starting point of the ride.
  2. TAHC rides are sanctioned by the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) and the Arabian Horse Association.  Both AERC Rules and Regulations and AHA rules apply to all rides.
  3. Ages of horses or mules being ridden in the 50 or 75 mile rides must be five years or older as of ride date . Horses or mules being ridden in the 25 mile ride must be four years or older by ride date. ( AERC Rule 3).
  4. A JUNIOR DIVISION rider is one ” who is under the age of 16 as of December 1st of the year of the competition”. All juniors MUST wear helmets and MUST ride with an adult sponsor . All Juniors MUST enter and leave all vet checks at the same time of their sponsor . They MUST ride with their sponsor at all times , and MUST finish within one minute (before or after) of their sponsor .
  5. Helmets are not required but are enthusiastically recommended . A brain is a horrible thing to waste .
  6. All riders must be present and checked in at the starting line PRIOR to the start of the ride ( AERC Rule 6).
  7. Horses should wear acceptable footwear, ie., shoes or EZ Boot type footwear.
  8. Holding periods will start after the horse reached a pulse rate determined at the pre-ride meeting. Hold times will be dependent upon the weather and announced at the pre-ride meeting.
  9. Riding time is the time used by the competitors to complete the course, excluding all hold times, and is the time used for AERC ride results . There is no minimum time limit for completion, however, total competition time (including hold times) will be according to the following: 6 hours for 25 miles: 12 hours for 50 miles: 18 hours for 75 miles.
  10. A rider can be disqualified for poor horsemanship (over-riding your horse) and/or sportsmanship as determined by the ride veterinarian and ride management (ride management will not overrule a vet decision on a veterinarian matter). All animals must be sound per the veterinarian or may be disqualified.
  11. Stimulants and/or pain killer drugs of any kind are prohibited, either in the horse’s system or carried by the rider while on the trail. All horses may be subject to drug testing (AERC Rule 13).
  12. The same horse/rider combination must pass all check points. Any horse/rider departing from the official trail must return to the point of departure before continuing. Be sure to call your entry number out to any person manning a check point and make sure that they call it back to you so that there will be no question as to whether you passed that point or not.
  13. Pre-ride vet checks will posted on ride annoucement.
  14. Ride management and veterinarian decisions are final.
  15. Horses must pass all vet checks during and within one hour of crossing the finish line for the 50 mile and one half hour from the time of pulse down for the 25 mile for completion.
  16. If your horse is treated by the veterinarian you will receive a bill . There will be no arguing with the vet or you may be disqualified from the ride.
  17. If you are a member of AERC, be sure to have your current membership card with you or you will be assessed the $15.00 non-member fee.
  18. PLEASE leave your camp area as clean or cleaner than when you arrived…that means rake up your manure and spread it out over a large area. Pick up unused hay and take it home with you if possible or spread it out. We want to be able to continue using these recreation areas in the future, and if you don’t pick it up we have to!!
  19. Dogs shall be on a leash or in direct control of their handler.
  20. No RV Dumping unless there is a designed RV dump.
  21. Participants are required to use only certified weed free hay during this event.
  22. FINALLY and most important, HAVE A SAFE AND FUN RIDE!!!! See you at the finish line 🙂